Trump Taunts Kim Jong-Un: My Nuclear Button is ‘Much Bigger’

President Donald Trump taunted Kim Jong-un on Tuesday in response to the North Korean dictator’s speech on New Year’s Day, in which he had warned, “The entire mainland of the U.S. is within the range of our nuclear weapons, and the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office.”

Trump replied that his own nuclear button was “much bigger,” more powerful, and fully functional:

Trump’s tweet is just the latest salvo in the colorful war of words between the two leaders. Last year, President Trump called Kim Jong-un “Little Rocket Man.” In November, Trump went further, calling him “short and fat.”

North Korea has reciprocated with insults — which have also been humorous, albeit unintentionally so. The regime referred to Trump as a “dotard” several times last year, reviving an obscure and somewhat archaic English term for an old person.

Trump’s left-wing critics pounced on his tweet. Ben Rhodes, a former national security aide in the Obama administration, tweeted: “There is no way to rationalize this profoundly juvenile and dangerous behavior.”

One Response to Trump Taunts Kim Jong-Un: My Nuclear Button is ‘Much Bigger’

  1. hambone says:

    I voted for President Trump. I am in his corner and applaud the changes he has already made in our policies; but, this time I wish that he had not joked with the munchkin dictator about nuclear war. That’s definitely not too funny. Maybe Kelly Ann or someone else the president trusts will be allowed to read and possibly “censor” his tweets before they go out. Why GIVE the opposition more ammunition to use against him. Some of us though seem to be in the business of trying to mold him into something they want. He is who he is, and we didn’t want another mainstream politician in the office. Aren’t we still thankful to Almighty God that the presidency was not gained by Hillary ?

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