Trump Campaign Manager Slams ‘Snowflake’ Millenials For Protesting Trump

‘Traumatized’ students being allowed to skip exams

Steve Watson
November 16, 2016

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manger, has blasted young people protesting Trump’s victory, warning that their actions and behavior is a result of a ‘coddling’ culture.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Conway tore into ‘millenials’, branding them “precious snowflakes”.

“We’re just treating these adolescents and millenials like precious snowflakes,” Conway said.

“What’s the worst that can happen to these Millenials… that Donald Trump will make good on his promise to create 25 million news jobs?” she added.

Conway also expressed disdain for the fact that many colleges and professors are allowing students to skip classes and cancel exams to ‘protest’ a democratic election result and recover from being ‘traumatized’.

“I’m just amazed how many texts and e-mails I’m receiving. One person, of all these professors, saying, ‘You don’t have to take the test, you can get college credit if you protest.’” Conway said.

“It’s about time these little pampered, spoiled brats get over themselves,” Hannity reiterated, adding “Apparently, this is how the PC culture — where everybody’s a winner, everybody gets a participation trophy — and these liberals operate.”

“We’re supposed to roll out the red carpet for sore loser liberals because their sub-par, crooked, corrupt candidate lost an election?” Hannity exclaimed.

Conway, who is expected to be appointed into Trump’s administration, added that millenials should be grateful that they will no longer be “forced to buy” government healthcare when Trump trashes the Obamacare system on his first day in office.

“He’ll get rid of the Obamacare penalty on day one so that you’re not forced to buy government-run healthcare,” Conway declared.

She urged that Trump’s detractors are making the same complaints about him that they have been harping on about for over a year.

“I haven’t heard anything new. All of their grievances and complaints are so pre-election. We heard all of this,” Conway said.

Conway noted that ‘protesters’ should follow the lead of the Obama administration in accepting the election result and expressing ‘confidence’ in a smooth transition of power.

“Listen to Obama and Biden, they are trying to give Trump and Pence a chance,” Conway noted, referring to comments made by Joe Biden Wednesday when he told reporters “No administration is ready on day one. We weren’t ready on day one … but I’m confident on day one everything will be in good hands.”

Trump Campaign Manager Slams ‘Snowflake’ Millenials For Protesting Trump

2 Responses to Trump Campaign Manager Slams ‘Snowflake’ Millenials For Protesting Trump

  1. Anonymous Millennial says:

    I don’t want to hear about “coddling” culture or criticism of Millennial after the Bush administration destroyed the economic ladder and pimp our people into irrecoverable personal, professional, and private debts. You took our jobs, made our homes worthlessly insolvent, and drove our distraught working class parents into an early grave. We couldn’t afford to even give some of them a proper burial. Our people get shipped to jails for petty nothing after enduring physical abuse and manipulations where they can’t have anything resembling the promises of their forefathers until they’re well into their 30’s

    Conway you stupid lying whore. How dare you talk that way to an entire generation of American patriots!

  2. Anonymous Millennial says:

    Millennial voted for trump because he didn’t give a fuck about civility, political correctness, or respect for the institutions he poised himself to overthrow. They wanted jobs and opportunities that their parents had a generation ago without all the collectivist stigmatizing bullshit associated with being an unloved interchangable working class wage cuck. They wanted all the annoying racially offensive brown people who impose themselves from every corner of the world gone in a paddy wagon to the nearest boarder or concentration camp, finally getting a return on the taxes they pre-paid through government deficit spending.

    We’re tired of being American in name only, but bearing a second class citizenship while fueling the economic infrastructure around us for crony global capitalist foreigners slowly selling out our sovereignty in exchange for cheap Chinese garbage. Tired of being extorted by big education with infantile communist self-hatred after borrowing a fortune just to learn a skill that Orientals offer at half the cost in the new global market space.

    All Millennial want is the right to tell failed public institutions to get gang raped in jail, defunded, or bombed by President Commander Trump. They demand to speak abusively against parasites in authority destroying their future. They demand old fashioned American prosperity back so they can work for a better life. They demand abusive entitled illegal aliens physically removed from the United States and western sphere of influence. These planks are all Trump needs to accomplish and he’ll win every state in the Union.

    Kellyanne Conway is a careless ditz for denouncing an entire generation of Trump supporters that have to put up with the institutionalized bastion of human failure known as American liberal society and still try to Make themselves Great Again. Disrespectful…

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