Gingrich: ‘History Will Look Back On Trump investigations Like Salem Witch Trials’

The former Speaker of the House called Trump-Russia narrative ‘feverish hype,’ said there’s nothing to the story, ‘it’s a witch trial’

(INTELLIHUB) — Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently told Fox News that the Trump investigations will eventually be looked back on like the Salem Witch trials of late 1600’s.

The former Speaker of the House said that although Donald Trump Jr’s 2016 meeting with the Russian lawyer who “had so little to offer” looked bad, it’s not treason.

“If after nine months, all of these hearings, all of these investigations, the best we can come up with is a twenty-minute meeting with a lawyer who had nothing to say,” Gingrich said. “By contrast, we do know that a Democratic National Committee person flew to Ukraine, worked with the Ukrainian government, sought to get information about Donald Trump […] I don’t see Mueller putting that on the list of the investigations. I don’t see that kind of collusion seemingly bothering anybody. So you have a totally one-sided anti-Trump story hyped up with a level of hysteria that I think historians will look back on it and think this is like the Salem witchcraft trials […]”

Via Intellihub

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