Education Secretary Will Not Stand In Way Of Funding For Armed Teachers

In a letter posted August 31, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made clear she will neither stand in the way of funding to armed teachers nor will she seek to provide such funding.

DeVos made clear she has no intention of trying to play the role of a legislator. Moreover, she believes the guidelines for  use of funding are already clearly stipulated.

The Detroit Free Press reports DeVos noted Title IV-A guidelines set forth by the Obama administration. Those guidelines allow schools “substantial flexibility” in how they use funding to meet the needs of their specific schools. She suggests Congress should act and make the language clearly ban use of funding for firearms if such prohibition is desired.

DeVos said, “As I have stated publicly on numerous occasions … I will not legislate via fiat from the Department. Therefore, I will not take any action that will expand or restrict the responsibilities and flexibilities granted to State and local education agencies by Congress.”

On August 23 Breitbart News reported that Trump’s Education Department was weighing the use of federal funding for the purchase of firearms and firearm training for teachers.


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