Breaking: Arrests Imminent In #PizzaGate Scandal – Names Named!

An FBI whistleblower has confirmed that 30 politicians and 40 other individuals are to be arrested in Washington D.C. and New York City in connection with the “Pizzagate” pedophile ring, and more suspects are under investigation as the investigation continues “branching out in unexpected directions.“ David Zublick breaks it down and names names in this exclusive report! More info on the FBI informant mentioned and an exclusive interview can be found at….



2 Responses to Breaking: Arrests Imminent In #PizzaGate Scandal – Names Named!

  1. Kay says:

    Dear Mr. Zublick,
    Thank you for your work to inform on this and other subjects.
    Two questions to you regarding this video: Have you ‘second thoughts’ about the veracity of the source(s)? Have you received further confirmation of the pending arrest claims made in the video?
    I sent this out to a large list and have received several questioning replies among which was one who claimed the info was a “hoax”. I have researched the dreadful reality of paedophilia and the rituals of the elite for years and therefore confirm the evil existence of such practices.
    Could you kindly update to me your convictions?
    I thank you again for your exposure of so many ‘cover-ups’.
    Most sincerely, Kay

    • admin says:

      Kay, my sources are very reliable on this. Plus, a new video will be breaking within a day that will expose what is going on in California that will blow your mind. Stay tuned!

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