Less Government. More Freedom.

Less Government. More Freedom.

What would America look like today if the dream of our Founding Fathers of a limited central government had actually been realized? More »

Report: Sean Hannity To Be Fired By Fox News Over Seth Rich Murder Coverage

Report: Sean Hannity To Be Fired By Fox News Over Seth Rich Murder Coverage

According to a report by independent journalist Joe Biggs, a source close to Hannity has revealed that the popular Fox News host will be fired sometime next week as a result of his coverage of the Seth Rich conspiracy. More »

Research On Disciplinary Spanking Is Misleading

Research On Disciplinary Spanking Is Misleading

Although parents sometimes misuse or over-use spanking, does science really show that ordinary spanking of persistently disobedient children causes irreparable harm? More »

Preteen Modeling – A PizzaGate Portal

Preteen Modeling – A PizzaGate Portal

Preteen models dreaming of becoming supermodels are preening for the cameras. But does preteen modeling lead to stardom — or exploitation? More »

Economic Collapse Imminent – Are You Prepared?

Economic Collapse Imminent – Are You Prepared?

If a former Reagan administration official is correct, we are likely to see the next major financial collapse by the end of 2017. More »


Migrant Who Raped 10-Year-Old Boy To Have Sentence Drastically Reduced

The Iraqi asylum seeker who raped a 10-year-old boy in a swimming centre in Vienna will have his sentence reduced from six to four years after a judge felt his punishment was too “draconian”. On the 2nd of December 2015,

The Final Nail In The Mainstream TV News Coffin: Fox News Ratings Plummet To 17 Year Low

Daniel Lang SHTFplan.com May 25, 2017 The mainstream media has been fighting a losing battle against independent news outlets (AKA fake news) ever since the internet took hold in our society. Countless newspapers have filed for bankruptcy, and news channels

Advertisers Bow To Activist Left, Begin Pulling Ads From Hannity

A number of companies have pulled ads from Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show Hannity after he pledged to continue investigating circumstances surrounding the death of murdered DNC employee Seth Rich. Companies including Cars.com, Peloton, and Leesa Sleep have all given

No More Fake Conservatives

Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream May 25, 2017 Do you want to know why President Trump can’t seem to get much done in Congress? It is because many of the “Republicans” in Congress are actually fake conservatives. For

Thirteen Reasons Why: America’s High Schools Are Creating (Another) Lost Generation

Netflix’s recent announcement that it would be producing a second season of Thirteen Reasons Why has raised new questions about the disastrous state of the US public school system and its effects on the economy. “Hey, it’s Hannah Baker,” says

Did Brennan Start Russian Investigation Because Of Liberal Media Bias?

Former CIA director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he was not sure if there was any evidence of collusion between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Yet Democrats are thrilled by his

Budget Director: We Are ‘Dead Serious’ About The Wall

President Donald Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney reassured supporters that the White House would build a wall, previewing it to reporters at the White House press briefing. “We are absolutely dead serious about the wall,” Mulvaney said, calling it one

Newt Gingrich Hits The Deep State Hard, Goes After Real Clinton Deals Made With The Russians

(INTELLIHUB) — Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich quite possibly might be the only politician in America with any balls. The Fmr. speaker appeared on Fox News Monday demanding that the Clintons, both Bill, and Hillary, be investigated

Kim Dotcom Releases New Statement On Seth Rich And It May Shock You

(INTELLIHUB) — Internet freedom fighter and Mega millionaire Kim Dotcom came forth Tuesday with his full statement on Seth Rich as promised. In the statement, Dotcom claims that he knows that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak. Dotcom

Joe Lieberman Atop FBI Would Be A First Amendment Disaster

Columbia Journalism Review – by Trevor Timm FORMER SENATOR JOE LIEBERMAN is reportedly President Trump’s leading choice to replace the recently-fired James Comey as FBI director. If you’re a person who values free speech and press freedom rights, it’s hard

‘People Could Go To Jail’: OAN Reports WH Leakers Identified, Trump Set To Fire Three Staffers

One America News Network is reporting a White House source told them President Trump is going to fire three White House staffers for leaking classified information when he comes back from overseas. According to OAN’s Trey Yingst, “one of the

Sean Hannity Backs Off Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory ‘At This Time’

Sean Hannity announced tonight on his Fox News show that he will no longer discuss the July, 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich — for now, anyway. “I totally completely understand how upset… how hard this is on this

Whatevergate: WashPo Says Trump Asked Intel Chiefs To Do Something Or Other, Needs To Be Impeached

The latest “WhateverGate” fake scandal leaked by anonymous deep state operatives to The Washington Post involves President Trump allegedly asking two top intelligence officials to “help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and

John Podesta’s Ex-Sister In Law Is On D.C. Police Foundation Board: Report

(INTELLIHUB) — According to a recent report, Fmr. Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s ex-sister-in-law serves on the Board of the Washington D.C. Police Foundation along with the police chief who served at the time DNC staffer Seth Rich was

Your Child ‘Belongs to the State’: Lawmakers Claim the State Owns Your Children

Free Thought Project – by Annabelle Bamforth Legislators in Texas have been working toward passing a host of laws to reform the state’s Child Protective Services agency. New legislation has been crafted to improve the agency which has seen multiple

Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s

The Economic Collapse – by Michael Snyder Even though I write about our ongoing long-term economic collapse every day, I didn’t realize that things were this bad.  In this article, I am going to show you that the average rate

Nearly 740,000 Foreigners Overstayed US Visas Last Year

Mail.com SAN DIEGO (AP) — Nearly 740,000 foreigners who were supposed to leave the United States during a recent 12-month period overstayed their visas, the Homeland Security Department said Monday, detailing a crucial but often overlooked contributor to the number

Manchester Arena Suicide Attack: Trump Calls Terrorists ‘Evil Losers’

NBC May 23, 2017 President Donald Trump branded those responsible for the deadly suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert and other terrorist attacks “evil losers” on Tuesday. “So many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives, murdered

BOMBSHELL! Seth Rich Murder Was A PizzaGate Mob Hit

On July 10, 2016, amidst the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC being roiled by Wikileaks publications of DNC emails and John Podesta emails, Seth Rich, a DNC data analyst, was shot two times in the back, murdered. At the time,

Warning: ‘Deplorables Are Everywhere’ – From Lawmakers To 4Chan To Independent Media, Patriots Have Re-engaged

– The Deep State Wanted War, Well Now They Have One Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine When New World Order proponents, including deep state members of the intelligence community and their sycophants in the mainstream media got their butts