Isis Announces Planned Biowarfare Attack On The West

The 2018 ISIS Jihad poster says “We will make you fear the air you breathe.”

As Pamela Geller reported, “Over the past week, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media group has published a series of posters encouraging ‘biological attacks on Western targets.’”

Geller makes it clear that western media will ignore the warnings.

The video goes on to accuse European governments of testing chemical weapons on the Middle East and Africa. In turn the terrorists call for biological warfare using cholera, typhoid, and Hantavirus, explaining to the viewer where it can be found, then instructs the viewer on carefully creating the biological agent.

This is clearly the extremist cancer born from EU and UN immigration policies revealing more of itself. And as Sharia law reaches community milestones, the tumor grows bigger.

It appears that even after all of the horror we’ve seen so far regarding the invasion of western culture due to the United Nation’s coordinated migration replacement policies — we haven’t seen anything yet.


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