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7th Circuit Sides With Sanctuary Cities, Keeps Federal Money Flowing Nationwide

The City of Chicago, represented at taxpayer expense by the powerhouse law firm WilmerHale, has won a victory against the Justice Department’s efforts to rein in certain federal subsidies in response to the City’s deliberate non-compliance with immigration enforcement. The

NFL To Ban Cheerleaders?

Is nothing safe from these joyless puritans? Paul Joseph Watson April 20, 2018 The USA Today’s sports columnist is calling for cheerleaders in all sports to be BANNED. Is anything safe from these joyless puritans? What’s next? Vegas showgirls?

Consumers Groups Seek Probes Of YouTube Over Ads For Kids

Washington (AFP) – Consumer and activist groups called Monday for an investigation into Google-owned YouTube for allowing advertising to be targeted at children in apparent violation of US law. The organizations said that although YouTube claims that the site is

Diamond And Silk Call On Trump To Probe Social Media Giants

Breitbart April 9, 2018 NEW YORK — The YouTube sensations known as Diamond and Silk, former Democrats who left the party to support President Donald Trump, called on the Trump administration to probe social media giants over allegations of singling

Rep. Debbie Dingell To Introduce Gun Confiscation Legislation

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) used an April 2 Fox News Liveappearance to announce that she is preparing to introduce legislation to create a federal law allowing firearm confiscation orders. Such laws, generally referred to as Extreme

Fox News Stands By Ingraham, Slams ‘Agenda-Driven Intimidation Efforts’

Daily Caller April 3, 2018 Laura Ingraham isn’t going anywhere. That’s the message Fox News is sending amid a left-wing boycott campaign meant to oust the conservative Fox News host over a tweet. “We cannot and will not allow voices to

Facebook Is Secretly Eavesdropping Through Your Smartphone Microphone

Smartphones equipped with the Facebook app have the capacity to listen in on any private conversation via the phone’s microphone, according to disturbing testimony. According to Christopher Wylie, Facebook routinely eavesdrops on millions of people around the globe. Wylie appeared

This Sums Up Exactly What David Hogg Is All About

I am linking to this article but will not use the headline or even use an excerpt of the commentary here. But the analysis is right on target and sums up who this piece of human garbage is and what

Kashuv: Hogg Has ‘No Problem Blaming Every Innocent Person’ But Defends ‘Coward Of Broward’

Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv slammed crybully David Hogg on Thursday in an epic tweetstorm. **Thread** It is difficult to think of someone who has focused more on fear and less on facts than @davidhogg111. — Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv)

Miley Cyrus Spanked By Giant Easter Bunny In Raunchy Holiday Photo Shoot

Nothing says redemption, salvation, and victory over death like being spanked by the Easter bunny…. or this seems, at least, to be the Miley Cyrus approach. The pop megastar shared a series of images on Friday of what looks like

Biden: ‘The 2nd Amendment Is Being Very Badly Interpreted’

Breitbart March 31, 2018 During a discussion at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden stated that the 2nd Amendment has been interpreted “badly” and the nation has decided it can’t ignore the “prostitution” of the

Busted: Soros Paid March For Our Lives Protestors $300 Each

#MarchForOurLives organizers paid protestors $300 each to attend the March 24 protest in Washington, D.C, according to reports. Journalist Jacob Wohl found ads posted on Craigslist where Soros organizers looked to recruit paid protestors to attend the march. “Here’s just one of many

Anti-Gun Media Campaign Backfires..Instead Drives Up NRA Membership

Ammoland – by Rob Morse U.S.A. –-( The media missed again. We saw a coordinated media campaign thrown against legal gun owners immediately after the horrible murders at the school in Parkland, Florida. That campaign wasn’t spontaneous.   The media went into action

Controversial ‘Free-Range Parenting’ Is Now Legal In Utah — Here’s What That Means

Yahoo News The state of Utah has legalized a controversial childrearing method called “free-range parenting.” On Friday, Gov. Gary Herbert signed bill SB65 that would allow kids the freedom to walk to and from school, wait in parked cars (while their parents run errands

Trump Moves To Ban Most Transgender People From Serving In Military

The Hill March 24, 2018 President Trump is moving ahead with his plan to ban most transgender people from serving in the military, with limited exceptions, following up on a proposal he called for last summer. The White House issued

Omnibus Spending Bill Allows More Illegal Aliens To Be Released Into U.S. Through ‘Catch And Release

Breitbart March 24, 2018 The omnibus spending bill, passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate, will allow more illegal aliens to be released into the United States after they are caught crossing the southern border through the “Catch and Release”

BROKEN PROMISE: Trump, GOP Congress Give Planned Parenthood $500 Million In Taxpayer Funds

Daily Caller March 24, 2018 President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans broke their promise to conservative voters by including funding for Planned Parenthood, which receives approximately $500 million in taxpayer funding each year, in the omnibus bill that Trump signed

Trump, DOJ Propose Plan To Ban All Bump Stocks

Daily Caller March 24, 2018 President Donald Trump announced Friday evening plans for the Justice Department to ban all bump stocks, pending a mandated comment period. “Obama Administration legalized bump stocks. BAD IDEA,” Trump tweeted Friday. “As I promised, today

March For Our Lives Protesters Trash Streets Of D.C. After Gun Control March

Breitbart March 25, 2018 Thousands of protesters at the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC, Saturday packed the streets holding signs promoting an anti-gun agenda, but many of them left those signs out in the cold after the march.

World Surf League Wants Less Focus On Female Surfers’s Bikinis

Female surfers wearing high-cut bikini bottoms have been assured by the sport’s administrators that their backsides won’t be broadcast to the world. At least not in revealing close-up. Newsweek reports the World Surf League (WSL) has asked photographers working for it to