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GQ: Ruin Thanksgiving For Trump Supporters

Truth Revolt November 23, 2017 As I’ve noted numerous times here at TruthRevolt, GQ magazine is arguably the most political non-political mag on the newsstands. Ostensibly a men’s fashion magazine, it is run by gay leftist Jim Nelson, who is

‘Megyn Kelly Today’ On Track To Deliver NBC’s Worst Sweeps Ratings Since 2000

MSN November 23, 2017 It’s no secret that former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been struggling in the ratings since transitioning to daytime television at NBC. New data from Nielsen, however, suggests the picture grimmer than most realize. While

Michigan Rep. Conyers Acknowledges Sex Harassment Settlement

DETROIT (AP) — Longtime Michigan Rep. John Conyers acknowledged Tuesday that his office settled a harassment complaint involving a former staffer but said he “vehemently” denies the allegations against him. His office “resolved the allegations” … “for an amount that

Charlie Rose, Charlie Fell: Fired!

Veteran broadcaster Charlie Rose has been fired by CBS News after eight separate women accused him of sexual harassment. “A short time ago we terminated Charlie Rose’s employment with CBS News, effective immediately,” CBS News President David Rhodes wrote in

Judge Permanently Blocks Trump Sanctuary Cities Order SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge on Monday permanently blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order to cut funding from cities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities. U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick rejected the administration’s argument that

Second U.S. Judge Halts Trump Ban On Transgender Troops

Reuters A second federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump from banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, ruling that the prohibition likely amounted to unconstitutional discrimination. U.S. District Judge Marvin Garbis in Baltimore ruled that the

Newsweek Compares Donald Trump To Charles Manson

Breitbart November 21, 2017 Newsweek compares Charles Manson with Donald Trump in an article all the while insisting it does no such thing. “Manson was able to speak in a way that engaged those who felt marginalized or alienated,” Newsweek’s

Revenge Of The Deplorables – Trump Haters Blacklisted, Accused, Fired And Under Investigation

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine Trying to keep up with how many die-hard Trump haters are now so busy defending themselves, trying to save their own careers, infighting among themselves, fighting off bipartisan actions against them, has become

U.S. Sues To Block AT&T – Time Warner Mega Merger

DOJ’s Antitrust division, under the leadership of just-confirmed Assistant Attorney General Makan Delhrahim, announced Monday it would file suit to stop the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner. Although stopping the monster media deal featured prominently in President Donald

Report: H.R. McMaster Trashed Trump At July Dinner, Said He Had Intelligence Of A ‘kindergartner’

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster trashed President Trump at a dinner in July with Oracle CEO Safra Catz – mocking his intelligence, five sources told Buzzfeed in a report published on Monday. McMaster reportedly called Trump an “idiot” and a

White House Open To Striking Health Provision From Tax Bill WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says it’s willing to strike a health care provision from Senate legislation to cut taxes and overhaul the tax code if the provision becomes an impediment to passing one of President Donald Trump’s

“I Should Have Left Them in Jail!”: Trump Slams Sportsball Thief’s “Ungrateful” Dad

President Trump slammed LaVar Ball, the father of sportsball players LiAngelo and Lonzo Ball, for attacking him just days after he got his criminal son LiAngelo and two others released from detention in China. “Now that the three basketball players

State Department Defends Reorganization, Admits Low Morale

Yahoo News WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is hitting back at the growing bipartisan criticism of Rex Tillerson’s leadership and accusations he is presiding over a debilitating brain drain of the nation’s diplomatic corps. At the same time, it

Trump Calls ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton ‘The Worst (And Biggest) Loser’

Daily Mail President Donald Trump hit out early Saturday at ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton, his defeated election opponent. Trump called Clinton ‘the worst (and biggest’ loser of all time’ for saying that his election victory has ‘lots of questions about its legitimacy.’ ‘She just

GOP Leaders Debate Combination Plan To Cut Legal Immigration, Approve A DACA Amnesty

Breitbart – by Neil Munro House leaders are considering a plan to cut legal immigration in exchange for approving some form of DACA amnesty, says GOP Rep. David Brat. As reported in, Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) said the Republicans are

Hillary Clinton, Who Colluded With The Russians, Questions The Legitimacy Of The 2016 Elections Because….Russia

Alex Thomas November 17, 2017 Failed former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is now directly questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 elections, citing the discredited deep state narrative that Donald Trump worked with the Russians as one of her

General In Charge Of US Nukes Says He Can Defy An ‘Illegal’ Strike Order From Trump

RT Nov 19, 2017 In the wake of recent Senate debates on the US President’s supposedly unquestionable authority to start a nuclear war, a top general says it’s not as easy as pushing a red button. All the US top

Mother Of Roy Moore’s Accuser Contradicts Key Detail Of Daughter’s Sexual Misconduct Story

Birmingham, ALABAMA — The mother of Leigh Corfman, who says that Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore tried to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was 14, has contradicted a key detail of Corfman’s story. Speaking by phone

Army Lowers Recruiting Standards To Allow Soldiers With History Of Self-Mutilation, Bipolar Disorder

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Since the beginning of the year, much ink has been spilled about the Army’s increasingly desperate attempts to fill its lofty recruiting quota for fiscal year 2017-2018: That is, 80,000 new soldiers. To hit

Mainstream Media Now Promoting “Gun Confiscation Orders” As Solution To Mass Shootings

SHTF Plan – by Alex Thomas In what many saw coming a mile away in the aftermath of both the Las Vegas Massacre and the Texas Church mass shooting, liberals in the government, with the help of their mainstream media