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Children As Young As 4 Are Being Told To Report Pupils Who ‘Misgender’ Their Classmates

The transgender thought police have arrived in Britain Children as young as four years old are being told by their ‘trans-friendly’ primary school to report anyone who calls transgender pupils by the ‘wrong’ pronoun. The policy at Arbury Primary school

Have You Checked Your Child’s Schoolwork Lately? These Parents Were Outraged

Mommy Underground We are all aware that public schools are indoctrinating our children with abhorrent subject matter that advances the agenda of the left. Alternative lifestyles and deviant sexual behavior are being taught alongside math and history – and just

#SexEdSitOut: Parents Say, ‘Enough’ To Planned Parenthood’s ‘Pornographic’ Sex Ed

Parents in cities across the U.S. as well as Canada, Australia, and now, the U.K. are pulling their children out of schools Monday to protest what they view as “pornographic,” “gender-bending” sex ed curricula conducted and promoted by taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood.

Student Whistelblower Faces Possible Expulsion For Outing Professor Who Called Conservatives ‘Evil’

Siena College officials are investigating a student for publicizing an email sent by a philosophy professor to voice hostility toward conservative students, whom she said make her “miserable.” Zack Butler, a junior studying political science, posted 600 copies of an

Arkansas Students Punished With Paddles For Walking Out: Reports

The Hill March 17, 2018 Three students at an Arkansas high school were reportedly punished with paddles this week after leaving school to participate in the national walkout to protest gun violence. According to multiple reports, the Greenbrier, Ark., high

Florida Passes Gun Bill To Arm School Teachers

Florida legislators have passed gun safety legislation providing for the arming of some school teachers and staff, in the wake of the recent school shooting in Parkland. Senate Bill 7076 passed by a 67-50 vote on Wednesday evening, after over

Majority Of Americans Blame Government, Not Guns For School Shooting

The majority of Americans believe failure on the part of the government agencies to respond to numerous warning signs is to blame for the shooting in Parkland, not a lack of adequate gun control measures. From Rassmussen Reports: The latest

US Govt. Rewards Capitalists With $2bn Bonus For Employing Non-US Graduates

The New Observer The US government’s “Optional Practical Training” (OPT) program pays American companies to employ foreign graduates over the head of Americans, and in the 2017 financial year “swiped” $2 billion from trust funds for the elderly to favor

As ‘Snowflake Generation’ Backfires, ‘Pistol Packing Pastor’ Shows Americans How To Take Back Nation’s Schools!

This Private School Trains ‘Pastors Warriors’ To Swarm An Active Shooter By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die With EVERY single government agency FAILING to stop the shooter in Florida, do they really expect the

Authorities To Demolish Florida High School Following Massacre

Authorities in Florida are to demolish Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the massacre on Wednesday that killed 17 students and teachers.  Florida lawmakers say they want to build a new classroom space and replace the building

Florida Senate Committee Taking Up Bill To Arm Teachers

Florida’s Senate Judiciary Committee is taking up a bill February 20 designed to allow designated teachers to be armed for defense of themselves and their students. The bill was proposed by Sen. Dennis Baxley (R-12) before the February 14 attack on

Fox News: ‘School Science Project That Connected Race & IQ Is Pulled After Complaints’

Chris Menahan Information Liberation February 12, 2018 The first rule of Science club is: Scientific inquiry is no longer permitted if it leads to hurt feelings. From Fox News: A science fair project at a California high school faced criticism

Public Minnesota Kindergarten Class Teaches Children About ‘White Privilege’

A public school district in Minnesota is taking a radical social justice approach to the education of their youngest children. Young students in the Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota, will be introduced to the concept of “white privilege” as

Betsy DeVos Bans ‘Toxic’ Common Core Program

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has banned Common Core from being taught in U.S. schools after the Obama-era program was found to dumb down American kids. In a speech Wednesday at an American Enterprise Institute conference, Devos announced that Common Core

Top 5 Stories Buried or Deliberately Ignored By Mainstream Media In 2017

From the government’s disregard for civil liberties, to new research showing the power of cannabis, here are the stories the mainstream media missed in 2017 As public trust in the mainstream media continues to fall to a new all-time low