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Does Footage Of ‘UFOs’ Hovering Near International Space Station Prove Aliens Are Monitoring Satellite?

Does this footage showing a UFO hovering near the International Space Station prove once and for all that aliens are monitoring the satellite? UFO enthusiasts have studied the footage and come to some staggering conclusions which would blow holes in

Ex-Clinton Staffer: Hillary Very Ill; Sleeping Up To 18 Hours A Day; Health Records Will Never Be Released

What is it really like behind the scenes of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign: Hectic, stressful and an unforgiving atmosphere where one simple mistake can end your employment, according to a now-excommunicated campaign operative who spoke to True Pundit. Clinton has

‘Homeland’ Elections Czar Picks Sides: Trump Policies ‘UN-American’, ‘Irresponsible’

If the Department of Homeland Security attempts to seize oversight of American elections from states in the name of national security, Hillary Clinton will have the new “Elections Czar” in her corner. The Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday: “We should

Prominent District Attorney Blames Vaccines For His Children’s Autism

The San Antonio area district attorney says he’s prepared to take on criticism over his comments in a recent video, in which he blames his children’s autism on vaccine injections. Sworn into office last year, Bexar County Criminal District Attorney

A Candidate’s Death Could Delay Or Eliminate The Presidential Election

The presidential election could be delayed or scrapped altogether if conspiracy theories become predictive and a candidate dies or drops out before Nov. 8. The perhaps equally startling alternative, if there’s enough time: Small groups of people hand-picking a replacement

Chaos Will Erupt Across America In Less Than 100 Days…No Matter Who Wins The Election

(NaturalNews) The clock is ticking for America. There are 70 days remaining until the presidential election, and after the results are counted, America will be a tinderbox ready to explode no matter who wins. What follows is an educated analysis of the political

Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan For Federally Controlled Police

A leaked document from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations exposes the billionaire’s level of involvement in attempting to build what his organization describes as a “national movement” to reform local police forces across the U.S. The reform largely consists of federal

Study Finds Link Between Water Fluoridation And Diabetes

A recent mathematical model study has found a potential link between water fluoridation and type 2 diabetes. A study from Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine used mathematical modeling to discover a connection between water fluoridation and a

All Armed Americans To Be Detained In FEMA Camps Soon?

As we enter what ‘should’ be the home stretch of Obama’s reign of terror, expect the next few months to be one hell of a scary ride. In the first half  of 2016, Obama has already pushed the envelop on several

Where Is James Wesley Howell? 12 Weeks After He Walked Into A Police Station, He Has Disappeared…

Remember James Wesley Howell? This was the guy who, the day after the Orlando ‘shooting’ walked into a police station in California, and stated that he was afraid for his life. That he had been training, courtesy of the CIA

Mermaids Caught On Tape (Video)

From videos of alleged mermaids washed up on beaches to mermaids supposedly caught on camera by SCUBA divers, today we look at some of the best instances of mermaids caught on tape. Keep in mind that humans have only explored

Chilling Foreign Intelligence Service: White House Emails Reveal Largest Plot Ever to Destroy America! (Video)

An absolutely chilling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report to the Security Council (SC) circulating in the Kremlin today is using “secretly obtained” Obama-Clinton regime White House emails to detail what can only be described as the largest plot ever discovered

Is This The Real Purpose Of Chemtrails? (Video)

Here’s a thought most people don’t have when discussing the true purpose of chemtrails. Once you know the CIA is involved, you can’t believe anything we’ve been told, especially not when CIA Director John Brennan tells the Council on Foreign

How To Brainwash A Nation (Video)

The following interview was conducted in 1985 with Yuri Bezmenov, a trained subversive KGB agent. In the interview, he unveils the 4 basic steps that are necessary to transform the thinking and behavior of an entire population, that being the

Zika Update: Mass Chemical Spraying Before All Football Games To Officially Begin!

It’s official. The Miami Dolphins NFL football team has announced that this fall before every home game massive chemical pesticide spraying will be conducted to supposedly combat Zika virus, the totally benign virus which just recently (last year in 2015)

Guns, Chicks And Rubber Dicks (Video)

YouTube user Digitalcancer has made a video outlining the absurdity of a recent protest in which college students armed themselves with dildos to combat students who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights after Texas passed an Open Carry Campus

Leaked FBI Alert, Admits Hackers Penetrated US Election Systems

On Monday, an official FBI alert from August 18 was leaked to Yahoo News. The alert stated the FBI had uncovered evidence showing that at least two state election systems were penetrated by hackers in recent weeks. The FBI quickly

Bizarre Warning To America From A Former Muslim, ‘5,000 ISIS Terrorists In US Ready To Strike, People Will Die’ (Video)

A video has recently surfaced on ImminentRaptureRepent’s youtube channel revealing a women named Isik Abla, who claims she used to be a Muslim and is now warning citizens of the United States to “prepare” and “be ready” for ISIS terrorist

Government Exposed For Forcing Foster Kids, Even Toddlers To Take Dangerous Psychotropic Drugs

After years of growing concern, the California state auditor has produced a damning report describing how the state’s 79,000 foster children are being drugged with psychotropic medications at abnormally high rates. The report found that nearly 12 percent of kids

Is Earth Being Contacted By Aliens? Mystery Radio Signals Coming From A Sun-Like Star Baffle Scientists

A spike in radio signals coming from the direction of a sun-like star has excited astronomers. The signals seem to be originating from a sun-like star known as HD 164595 in the constellation Hercules, around 95 light years away. Scientists