For quite some time now, I have been mulling over the idea of bringing the radio show to an end.


I have been doing America Talks since October of 1999, with the idea that somehow, it would eventually become a money making venture. This has not happened. I have been unable to sell sponsors for the show, and the pay per lead radio spots that I carry have not generated any money over the last few years. The show, in effect, became an expensive hobby.


In the last few months, I have attempted to solicit donations to keep the show going, no longer with the goal of making any money, but rather just for the purpose of paying for the hosting of the website, and to offset the cost of producing the program. The contributions I have received have been minimal, and the costs to me are going up. I had indicated during the course of these last few months that the future of the show was in jeopardy due to these costs.


I have a full time job, plus two other business ventures that I am attempting to make successful. The amount of time and sweat equity that I have put into doing the show, including research, the booking of guests, etc., have taken away from those other money making opportunities.


The show has also taken time away from my family, which means more to me than anything in this world.


On Friday, January 01, 2016, New Year’s Day, the main computer that I use to do the show, suffered what appears to be a catastrophic video card failure. It is an older computer, using Windows XP, and the cost of replacing the video card, or perhaps worse, even the motherboard, is not worth the effort or expense. I will be investing in a new computer, but the second one I use for work and other purposes will have to suffice until that purchase is made, probably in a few weeks.


In the meantime, I would be unable to do the show, as I cannot even see my files in order to migrate them over to my other computer, which is even older than the one I was using for the show, and whose processor could not handle the show’s requirements.


After taking a serious look at the situation, I saw this as a sign.


Therefore, I am ending the radio show effective immediately.


I wish to thank all of the people for have listened to the show over these many years. I wish you all well.


Thank you and God bless.


David Zublick

America Talks

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